Mine Site



Here are the pictures of our mine up on the mountain!
As you can see there is plenty of big rock that has to be dealt with
and sometimes it can be a “job” just to move them out of the way.

Basically the operation is simple, but it can be time consuming
when the equipment need repairs. When things are running
smoothly, all I do is drive up with the dump truck, then
load it with the trackhoe and drive back down front
to the pile for people to load up a bucket of dirt
straight from the mine site. 
Other than walking around on the surface after a rain,
(a perk for owning the property) 
the dirt has never been searched.
Folks are always finding something at the dig pile
which is why we do this. It gives everyone a fair chance
to find some great stuff and know that we actually
have a REAL working mine.
There are some that say we don’t, which is why I finally put 
up this page to kind of say to those who question…
Pictures are worth a thousand words….


We dig around in this vicinity to locate color in the rock
and dirt as well. Below this text shows a nice Rhodolite section
still in place, in the rock where it was formed.
There’s no telling how much more lays inside any of these boulders
that are piled up all over the place.


One of the many beautiful views that we are blessed with on
our property. This one I get to see everytime I drive back down
with every load.. The view faces WSW towards to Nantahala Mtn. Range.
It’s one of my favorite views…


Here is where all the dirt is brought down and piled up for
all the “Pile-Diggers”.
We have widened this area to accomodate a larger pile.
This way rainy days should not be a problem keeping
this pile somewhat full at all times in the future.
That has been a draw-back in the past due to slick roads
coming off the mountain…
Problem solved….


Last season we added a concrete base to the access area
with handrails down all sides.
Our pupose is to make your visit as safe as possible!
Please use the handrails they are there for your safety!

If you require handicap access, please let one of our staff
know, as we have direct road access right down to the bench
for a very easy transition to the panning area.

As with all outdoor activities you may encounter rough terrain.
We do caution to watch your step when maneuvering
around this property, as there are rocks, loose gravel and possible
holes that may cause some problems during your visit.
If you are unsure about walking stable in this type environment
please use common sense and ask our staff which is the best way
to access and eggress our panning area.
We are here to make your visit a great one and as safe as possible!


5315 Bryson City Rd.
Franklin, NC. 28734