Bucket Order Information


We ship dirt year-round!!!
USA only!!

You can purchase all varieties of buckets that you can
find right here at our gem mine.

You can order three ways:

By email at [email protected]
( please list your mailing address and list of items for faster service.)

By phone at 828-524-4570

Make reservations to pick up what you need.

All we need is an address and payment and you order will be
headed out the next business day!

Our standard shipping method is UPS ground delivery.


Super Buckets:
You can purchase these buckets and have them mailed right to your doorstep.
That’s called year-round mining made simple!

$30.00 —–(S/H $15.00) (average yield 4-6 pounds a good starter super bucket to get your feet wet…)

$50.00 —–(S/H $20.00) (average yield 10 pounds with more emeralds and better stuff for cutting…)

$100.00 —–(S/H $25.00) ( Average yield 20 pounds, bigger rubies and enough emeralds to make a person yell…)

$300.00—-(S/H $75.00) ( Average yield 50 pounds and you better have someone to help carry your gems…)

$500.00 —–(S/H $150.00) ( It’s the ELITE of all our buckets. Average yield 80-90 pounds. Caution this one might make you scream…)

$1,000.00 —–( Yes, we listened and now we have the “Dominator”.)

All buckets have native material, plus added gems from other locations.
These are the best you will find anywhere, by both quantity and quality!
Ask any of our customers…

5315 Bryson City Rd.
Franklin, NC. 28734